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FISH KING 5pcs Barguzinsky Fishing Floats

FISH KING 5pcs Barguzinsky Fishing Floats

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FISH KING Barguzinsky Fishing Floats

These high-quality floats are designed to provide excellent buoyancy and sensitivity, making them perfect for fishing in a variety of water conditions. The bright orange and yellow colors make them easy to spot in the water, even from a distance, ensuring you never miss a catch.


Versatile Fishing Tool

With a variety of sizes included in this set, you can easily adjust the floats according to your fishing needs. The Barguzinsky Fishing Floats are suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environments and can be used to catch a wide range of fish species.


Durable and Long-Lasting

Made from high-quality materials, these fishing floats are durable and long-lasting. They can withstand rough water conditions, making them ideal for avid anglers who fish regularly. Additionally, their compact size makes them easy to store and transport in your fishing gear bag.


Type: Fishing Float

Shape: Ball


Plastic Type: PVC

Float Type: Floating Float

Drifting Tail Type: Hard Tail

Brand Name: FISH KING

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