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Soft Frog Fishing Lures 4 pcs + 20 space beans + 1 pvc box

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Attractive Soft Frog Design

These Soft Frog Fishing Lures come in a set of 4 pieces and are designed to attract fish with their realistic frog appearance. The lures are made of soft and flexible materials, allowing them to move and swim like real frogs in the water. The lifelike design and natural movement of the lures make them an irresistible target for predatory fish like bass and pike. With these lures, anglers can increase their chances of catching fish and have a more enjoyable fishing experience.


Durable and Versatile

Made of high-quality materials, these Soft Frog Fishing Lures are built to last. The durable construction ensures that they can withstand the wear and tear of fishing in different conditions. The lures are also versatile and can be used in various types of water, including freshwater and saltwater. Whether fishing in a river, lake, or ocean, these lures are suitable for all types of fishing and can be used to target different species of fish.


Convenient and Easy to Use

These Soft Frog Fishing Lures are easy to use and convenient for anglers of all skill levels. The lures are designed to be attached to a fishing line and cast into the water. The flexible and lightweight design of the lures makes them easy to cast and retrieve, allowing anglers to cover more water and increase their chances of catching fish. Additionally, the lures come in a compact size, making them easy to store and transport in a tackle box or fishing bag. With these Soft Frog Fishing Lures, anglers can have a hassle-free and successful fishing trip.



Use: Top water fishing

Type:: soft frog shape fishing lures


Hook type:: High carbon steel double hook

Function 4:: With Plastic box

Function 3:: Insect Bait

Function 2:: rubber Lure

Function 1:: Random color

Category:: fishing Lure Accessories

Category: LURE

Brand Name: AOrace