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Box 50pcs Box Fishing Hooks

Box 50pcs Box Fishing Hooks

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Durable Material Made of high-quality steel, these long shank fishing hooks are durable and rust-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use even in harsh fishing environments.



Versatile Design These hooks have a long shank design, making them versatile for use in various fishing techniques and with different bait types. The sharp barb ensures a secure hookset.



Convenient Packaging Packaged in a convenient box, these fishing hooks are easy to store and transport. The clear lid allows for easy identification of hook size and makes it simple to replenish your tackle box when necessary.



With Ruler or Not: No

Use For: Barbed Fishing Hooks

Type: Barbed Hook

Shape: Single Circle Hooks

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Name: Octopus Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks Set

Material: Carbon Steel


Color: Black

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