Fishing Bite Alarm and Swinger Set

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3 Carp Fishing Bite Alarm and Swinger Set

This fishing alarm and swinger set is specially designed for carp fishing. It includes three bite alarms and swingers that are water-resistant, ensuring that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. The alarms are highly sensitive and emit a loud sound when a fish takes the bait, alerting you to the catch.


Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume

The sensitivity and volume of the bite alarms can be adjusted to your preference, allowing you to customize your fishing experience. The volume can be turned up for noisy environments, while the sensitivity can be turned down for calm waters.


Easy to Install and Use

The bite alarms and swingers are easy to install and use. The alarms can be attached to the fishing rod with a clip, while the swingers can be hung from the line. Once attached, the alarms and swingers will detect any movement in the water and sound an alarm when a fish takes the bait. This set is perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers who want to catch more fish.


Type: Fish Bell/Alarm

Material: ABS

Magnet Fishing: NO