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10Pcs Light Sticks For Fishing Floats Green / Red

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red A and battery
green A and battery
2color A and battery
red A no battery
green A no battery
2color A no battery
red B and battery
yellow B and battery
2color B and battery
yellow B no battery
red B no battery
2 color B no battery
red C and battery
green C and battery
2color C and battery
red C no battery
green C no battery
2 color C no battery
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Easy to Use

Simply snap and shake the light sticks to activate them, and then insert them into the compatible slots of your fishing floats. They are also easy to remove and dispose of after use.


Long-lasting Glow

Each light stick can provide a long-lasting glow for up to 10 hours, making it perfect for night fishing or fishing in low-light conditions.


Two Color Options

The set comes with five green and five red light sticks, providing you with different color options to choose from depending on your fishing needs.


Invest in these light sticks to enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of catching fish, especially during low-light conditions.


battery for model C: CR425 battery

battery for model B: CR322 battery

battery for model A: CR322 battery

Type: Fishing Float Light Stick

Shape: Tube

Float Accessories Type: Luminous Stick for Fishing Float